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Optima's OddsMaker window provides event-based historical checks to determine the performance of scans, signals and alerts. This way, you can optimize the parameters for strategies to improve the results of your strategy. Make data-driven decisions with Optima to improve performance.

Brokerage Plus

The B+ window performs the Auto-Trade in Optima, from here your strategy orders will be sent to your trading account and the trades will be conducted without emotions!


Optima's charts allow you to visually confirm alerts instantly without leaving the platform, analyzing and locating new trading ideas

Top List

In Optima, the scan window ranks market data by sorting multivariations, using color, and data that updates at top speed. Stay up to date with the latest market trends.

Alert Windows

The Crown Jewel of Optima that nobody else has. a real-time scanner that alerts you the moment the event triggers. No hitting refresh all the time. Fully customizable.

Channel Bar

Optima's channel bar allows you to select predefined workspaces organized by channel theme, including Pre Market, After Hours, Social, Crypto, Volume and more. So customize your trading position and get the information you need easily.

Market Explorer

The Market Explorer enables us to build popular high-performance scans for our users beyond the software's boundaries. These pre-built scans require no customization. Just go.

One Click Trading

At Optima, those who don't automatically trade trade fast for this you have one-click trading, which allows you to trade stocks within any charting window with a simple 'click and drag' of the buy and sell markers. Be prepared with your fingers quickly and make quick, informed decisions.

Compare Count

The counting comparison window in Optima visually compares any two strategies. See real-time updates that show which strategy happens more or less frequently. And let's improve your trading strategies today, develop your trading idea today!

Single Stock

A single stock window displays a full quote of an Optima security and provides data relevant to the share price. Visual indicators of the stock's range over the past hour, trading week and 52 weeks. So take a complete picture of the market and make better trading decisions.

Real-Time Stock Racing

Optima's real-time stock race provides a fun and engaging way to stay at the top of the market and make easier decisions without bothering


Optima's news provides relevant stock news in the SIngle stock window tab so know where to stay updated and what's hot in the trading world, get real-time news and updates!

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