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What is Responsible Trading?

Optima's market scanner and real-time alerts use innovative AI technology to provide accurate and up-to-date trade signals and event alerts. together with our automated trading feature, you can easily build an automated trading strategy, and Optima will execute the transactions with full risk and profit management following your set of rules, directly from your Interactive Brokers account.

Build Auto Trading Strategy Step by Step

Follow the 4 steps below to easily build a automated trading strategy with Optima

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Step 1

Choose filters to scan stocks or import list or both

Step 2

Choose events to trigger your entry, get alerts on events

Step 3

Set Trading Rules: TP&SL, Trailing, Trade Times.

Step 4

Run back-test, optimize the strategy, Go!

Which brokers support automated trading with Optima

Optima only allows automated trading connected to Interactive Brokers. Optima can be used as a decision support system for decision making and manual trading using the information obtained from Optima at any other broker.

What financial instruments are available for scan and autotrade?

Optima currently supports trading on stocks and ETFs only in the US and Canada. In the near future, it will also be possible to trade on futures and crypto contracts.

What os Wiggle

Wiggle is a number calculated by a relative volume of trading, multiplied by the volatility in the last 15 minutes.

For example: if the relative volume is 2 (i.e. the volume is 2 times the average) and the volatility is $0.15, then the Wiggle equals $0.3.

Can Optima set 2 Take Profit levels?

This option is not embedded in the software as is but it's still possible - suppose we want the strategy to buy any transaction worth $2,000 first target 5% second target 8% with the same stop loss. What you do is create two completely identical strategies in the B+ window: one strategy will send a $1000 order with a target at 5% and the other strategy will send another $1000 with a target at 8%. The strategies can be with the same Stop Loss level or with a different Stop Loss as well.

Can I trade on specific sectors using Optima

Yes, go to symbol list tab and choose the specific sector, industry and sub industry.

After setting your filters/alerts, go to the Symbol list tab and click Add Existing List. In the list that will open you will see different types of stock lists, at the bottom of the list you will get to the Sectors lists. The list contains all sectors and sub-sectors in the US in detail. Click here for an explanation of working with our ready made stocks lists.

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